There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world.
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Maura Lynn's Baby Loss Memorial Blocks
was created to honor Maura Lynn Shafer. We create personalized blocks for mothers who have lost a child during pregnancy or infancy.

We lost our daughter on September 20th and we have found comfort in having things around that remind us of her. My sister created one of these blocks for us and we would love to pass on these memories to other families in situations similar to ours. We would like to offer mothers who have lost children during pregnancy or infancy a memorial block free of charge. Additional blocks can be purchased for $15. Please visit our request page to place your order.

It saddens us that we are at this point. Unfortunately due to lack of Funds, Resources, Donations and time we are not taking any more requests for a period of time. We will finish all the requests that are still pending. We really apologize for the shut down. We hope to be back up as soon as we can sustain our orders.
We thank you for your love and support,